Update April 13th, 2020: Hello BootyTape Community, Our tracker backend has now been upgraded to the newest version available.

This was done to track IPV6 ip addresses better. You may notice more seeders on certain torrents now. Before the tracker was having issues with IPv6 addresses because, IPv6 ip addresses are formatted with a mixture of letters and numbers.

Now our tracker is able to track IPv6 addresses using a workaround. BootyTape's tracker converts IPV6 addresses to a special reserved IPV4 address as a placeholder. Then your stats are tracked purely through the torrent passkey system without requirement of a unique IPV4 ip address.

Unfortunately we couldn't save a new feature during the upgrade process. We lost the "Seed Longer" feature that gave a suggestion of how long you should seed a torrent for. Hopefully in the future this feature can return.

Also in the process of testing all this code, for a total of 5 to 6 tracker announces some stats may have been lost. And for 3 tracker announces the tracker was run without the FreeLeech feature. This happened during the early hours of the morning.

I've tested and the FreeLeech and Double SeedBonus features are working correctly. I haven't noticed anyone's ratio fall to a bad area and there's more than 2 weeks of FreeLeech left.