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The tracker's work Schedule

Dear users,
New Year's holidays end and the tracker will work as usual, as well as to bring to your attention a number of announcements and reminders:
1) In the near future, the "Auction" section will open where it will be possible to purchase accounts of disabled, but "bleached" violators (there will be at least some benefit from them );
2) Releases with the “Key” will be slightly longer, the “discovery” period will be less for most releases (we want to remind you - such releases primarily support your tracker for its normal operation, the possibility of acquiring new products and paying for hosting), General releases will be in the "Diamond status", which will give the opportunity to fill the buffer by rating;
3) Please, when making a purchase of lots in the "Donations" section - look at the current details (some of them may change);
4) We remind you that an action for BLUEBIRD users from our partners ******* is underway now.

Thank you for being with us!