New Hardware is Online

A few months ago, we announced that some of our hardware was failing. Shortly after that we went down for about 24hrs or so, and from that time until just late this morning we were using the only backup hardware we had; which wasn't much. This caused us to have to split the site up between 2 servers which mostly affected our forums and still needs to be fully migrated.

With that said, it's been a rough time around the soup recently, but we're very excited to announce that the new hardware is in and has been mostly completed given our members back all the site speed they were used to among a few other things here and there.

This was all made possible by you the member.. without your monthly support and a very generous member who donate much of the hardware itself that was needed (and who I might add wants to remain completely anonymous for obvious reasons) none of this would be possible and we would all be sitting in that same boat waiting for the worse to happen.

We just wanted to say thank you to everyone that participated and that pledged a donation of support these last couple months. Without your support we would never be able to keep Bitsoup going for everyone to enjoy. Please continue to keep the support coming in so we can ensure everyone the best possible.

Some of you may have noticed some new changes around the site and we must say, there are many more changes coming. Including a brand new site theme and structure to bring us up to a more modern looking site. It will be something everyone can take pride in being a part of. A site where our members want to be here and a part of.

Many changes have been behind the scenes with security and stability, but we've also made some small cosmetic ones getting geared toward the bigger change over.

We want everyone to be proud of the site they call home.. these are exciting times we're moving towards and we could never do them without you.

Your support means everything and is the only thing that keeps this great site online, so THANK YOU!