Bit-HDTV is currently recruiting Torrent checkers.

A torrent check is our first stage of quality control a new addition to the staff positions.

This user class checks anything related with torrents(edit/notify/add in the description).
Makes sure all the torrents are properly uploaded.
1. Check dupes
2 .Check title format
3. Check torrents content(files)
4. Check description
5. Check if seeder has entered
6. Marks the torrent as moderated.
7. record entry in data sheet

Most newly uploaded torrent are in acceptable format however require manual checking and entry into data sheet.

Also this user class can upload TV packs if needed or create a list for other staff to obtain if required.

Required knowledge for Torrent checker:
to know the Rules and FAQ of the site
how to create a torrent
how torrents works
a good knowledge of video technical info and formats
a good knowledge of releasing groups
Must moderate at least 25 torrents per week to maintain position (20 mins to 45 mins per week)

If you have the time and want to help the community pm neversoft2 with "Torrent Checker" in the subject line and tell me how you can assist the site and experience if applicable.

Ps. before you ask the only perk on offer is the warm fuzzy feeling you will get to see Bit-HDTV become a powerhouse for High Definition.