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Thread: BeyondHD News - Exclusive rule update

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    BeyondHD News - Exclusive rule update

    We have recently added a new option for uploaders that allows them to flag their torrents as exclusive for a fixed period of time. You may notice several new uploads may be flagged as exclusive (usually for 24 hours). If a torrent is flagged as exclusive, a countdown clock will be visible on the torrent details page outlining when the exclusivity period will end.

    If you would like additional information regarding this new option, we have added the rule on our rules page ( ) under the "Uploading Torrents To Other Trackers" section. Below this heading you will find relevant excerpts for quick reading. This rule applies to all users unless noted as an exception in the rules.

    To use this new exclusive option you must put in a Helpdesk ticket to get a badge that enables this feature on your account.

    In addition, as a reminder to users: If you wish to share a large amount of internal releases (exclusive or not) elsewhere, please submit a Helpdesk ticket to request staff permission (as stated on the rules page).

    The most important thing to remember is this:

    "Lastly, if a specific torrent is flagged as exclusive (with or without an expiration date) do not upload it or cross seed it at ANY other trackers WHILE it remains exclusive. After the exclusivity period has ended, you are free to upload/cross seed it elsewhere (as long as its a private tracker and you comply with the 10% rule). This rule is to give uploaders a chance to upload their own work elsewhere without worrying about racing others to be first, so please show them some respect. Members found to be violating this rule will be banned immediately."
    If reading this shortly after it was sent, an exclusive torrent as an example can be found here: In between the movie/tv banner and the details section is the exclusive section with a countdown timer.
    Thank you,
    BeyondHD Staff

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    Torrent exclusivity thing... Pretty much like revtt. Some user get higher privileges by donating or by any means.
    Those framestor encodes are very wanted by many.
    What does it mean its that there will always someone first to upload framestor on other trackers before you.

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