5th birthday cake image competition
On the 5th birthday we call you a photo play again.
Images Theme: Birthday Cake.
The only condition for editing / writing is Best-Core (the name of our site).
The size and quality of the image does not matter, it is not specified.
Submit pictures:
Upload the pictures to the uploader page (eg,
And copy the [img] ..... [/ img] -s link,
Which you can paste in the Forum by clicking on the comment.
Then Save me.
But keep in mind that it is clear and visible, because it will count on the vote.

Everyone can call a picture, and if multiple pictures are submitted, the first picture will compete. The others will be deleted.
The image you submitted can not be retrospectively edited. Possible editing excludes exclusion from the contest.


1st place: 355 GB - 5555 BP
2nd place: 255 GB - 4555 BP
3rd place: 155 GB - 3555 BP

The winnings of all submitted and non-ranked images are: 55 GB - 2555 BP

In addition, every original home made cake
That is, they are hand-made at home for a special reward.

We reserve the right to change

Best-Core management