Holiday Banners Competition '18

Another year, another annual Holiday Banners competition.
You can submit your banners with a New Year/Winter motif here...


● Submit in .png (lossless) format
● Width 980px
● Height 120px
● Matches site!
● Use the Joyful Juliana font.
● Keep at least 100px clear on the left (RSS feed button).
● If the composition allows it put the image to the left and the text to the right.
● Tell us which anime it's from and the character(s) name.
● Provide link to your (tracker) profile so we can give you proper credit.
● We want some diversity, so try not to overuse old stock images that were previously accepted, it lowers your chance of it being accepted.

Like before, you'll have more freedom if you wish to experiment, however try to keep the banners consistent. That goes for the font and the background colour scheme.
New Year motif banners will be kept in rotation until the end of January, 2019 - so feel free to alter your banner slightly and re-submit it in the regular banner submission thread if you want to keep it in permanent rotation.

Best banners will be awarded - 2000 Bonus points for every banner we choose (No limits to number of submissions).
Same as last year, banners we like the most will receive extra points.
Submissions will be accepted starting today and until 23. December.
Happy Holidays, and have fun~

-BakaBT Team-