RIP WCD / 2007-2016

We are all feeling a little lost right now with the loss of such a major fixture in the private tracker world. We thought they would live forever, that we would wake up in the morning and we would be able to download the best copy of that album we had thought about the night before. Today we realized that is not the case. Today we lost the largest collection of music in the world.

For many, WCD was not just a place to download free music, it was a lifestyle. Many people spent much of their free time sharing their music, posting in the forums, chatting in IRC. It seemed to be the center of many people's private tracker universe. The tough part now is to try and move and and hope something similar rises from the ashes, just as WCD did from Oink.

We also lost GGN for the time being. They have done a full backup and wiped their server as some of their infrastructure was on OVH

Remember, stop any WCD torrents you have in your client(s). No need to remove any data though. Keep it and upload it here for our FLAC contest or wait for something to rise. One thing we all should know is that something will always rise from the ashes. Sharing will live on.

We have a few threads where people are talking about the closure, feel free to leave your thoughts.

R. I. P. What.CD | I feel ill; first that thing ...then this thing. | What was your last WCD download?

We also have a new contest

WCD Commemorative FLAC Upload Contest

Really though, fuck 2016. Please stop....