Dear community,

Now that winter is officially behind us, we thought it would be a good time to share some site updates and answer some of the most FAQs that you have left us in the forums.

We constantly changing our site rules in order to improve the user experience so we encourage you to check the Rules page periodically to stay up to-date.

All new rules (and changes) are marked with a 🆕 icon so you can spot them right away.

Changes as of 2019-04-01

1. Remuxing Rules

a. DVD remuxes (e.g. MKV containers and such cases) are NOT allowed - No exceptions
b. All live-action Blu-ray remuxes must include a ac3to log - Anime remuxes are excluded from this rule | Note: If you have a live-action remux that was created prior to ADC's sudden downtime and no longer have access to the untouched Blu-ray, you may offer them HERE A staff member will review your case and if we are able to obtain the untouched Blu-ray/Source, you will be given the option to re-create the remux.

2. Uploading Rules

Folder/File/Title naming

a. All uploads must follow the naming format as shown HERE

All uploads MUST include the following information:

a. Mediainfo log for all DVD, WEB-DL, HDTV and Remux formats must be included in the Mediainfo box located at the end of the upload page (Blue box)
b. All uploads must include a minimum of 4 screenshots in their original resolution and in the .PNG format - DVDs are excluded from this rule but we do encourage our users to included them as much as possible.
c. Important information such as Distributor and Edition version (Limited Edition etc) - E.g If an anime was release by Funimation, this must be stated in the description.

Custom Blu-rays/DVDs
a. All custom work MUST included the DIY in the folder and torrent name after the AudioCodec
b. All custom work MUST state the Video, audio and subtitle source - Machine/Google translated works are NOT allowed,. Users caught uploading such works will be given a warning.

Staff Recruitment

The staff is currently looking for talented programmers to help continue the site development. If you are a coder and have enough experience working with PHP and the Laravel framework, please contact us ASAP. We need all the help we can get in order to keep the site running bugs/issue free. Currently, there are a number of bugs that need to be addressed and features to be implemented, without your support, ACM will not be able to stay online for long.

For a complete list of open staff roles, click HERE

Lastly, we would like to extend our deep gratitude to the following members for helping ACM stay online through their generous donations.


With love,
AsianCinema Staff

If you have any questions and/or would like to share your thoughts on the recent changes, you are welcome to join us on IRC and Discord (info found in the FAQs page)