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Dear Retailers,

Important announcement!

Avoid disappointment, read through SVP!

As is well known, quite a few changes are being made, this will all be active this weekend.

For that matter:

* The FREELEECH is fully active for those who have chosen this !!!

* The SEEDBOXES run from us, (these are currently being tested by uploader "Seeder")

* There are still a few FREE spots available in terms of box for motivated uploaders ..
(if you are interested in uploading via a server from us? Simply complete the uploaders request.)

* Everyone who receives a box from us is asked to do 3 uploads per day (21 per week).
In short, with the 20 uploaders, this means 400 new torrents for you weekly !!!!

* We have almost reached our goal in terms of costs, you can follow HERE.
And we are confident that we will achieve this, which is why we started the business out of our own pocket !!

* You can still become Freeleecher, for info you can simply respond to this message! (this concerns 6 MONTHS !!!)

* Normal donation will continue to exist with all current possibilities. However, the following may be of interest to you:
# The site is closed for new registrations, so you can send people an "invitation" if you want to give an account to a friend or family member!
Via a credit!
# Since we are closed it is like "Abuser" so really: discarded is ready !! This makes it better for everyone !!
# For a normal donation to straighten things out / send invitations You can of course also respond to this message!

* Donation Actions with up to 10 times the points are a thing of the past !!
* We then only have our normal points with a doubling in the weekend!

** And most importantly!! We are happy to have taken this path, and that we will just make it !!!!!
This will give the site so much more offerings and make us stronger as a community, with the "real Torrenters!! **

Best regards
Staff AlleenRetail