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Dear Retailers,

I was struck by a strong flu, so I was a bit behind!
I have updated everything, and we are not there yet
but it is good to see that we are heading in the right direction.

Also with the seedbox server I have done something in my pocket,
so that we hope to have this together soon, the site is now closed for new members.

Here you can follow the state of affairs, if you also want to be a freeleecher and help to realize all this, you will get the info by a simple answer to this message.

There are enough requests from people who want to upload via a seedbox through us, so if we have 20 places on that server then we have achieved the goal, and then a minimum of 5 uploads per person, which means at least 100 new torrents per day, SO GO HARD !!!

And donations just become donations for any additional costs and we are ready for half a year, so we sincerely hope to have this done !!

SO JOIN !!!!!!

Best regards