🔒 Closing Matrix Chat | Alternative to come

Dear community,

Approximately 10 months ago, we have announced our external chat app based on "Matrix". We had hoped to cover the following needs:

Announcements about maintenances, downtimes (even when the tracker was down) and other important information
Chat and communication even when not logged in to aither.cc, including push notifications

The integration into matrix with our chat tokens has been a bit of a pain, since their API is not very well documented and sometimes outdated. The sync jobs used to fail more often, and matrix started to use enormous amounts of disc storage for no obvious reason.
Since the matrix general chat was not used frequently, we have decided to close this external chat solution within the next couple of days. Your logins will no longer work and the chat token will no longer be synced (but not yet removed from aither.cc).

As an alternative, and to fill an often requested feature, we will set up an IRC server including torrent announces for your *arr applications.
There will also be a channel for general chatting. The main place to chat will be the chat box, still.

Thank you for your understanding.

Working hard to give you the best experience,
~ Your Aither Team