Change to seed time and bonus

We are making some changes to what was posted before. These changes will take effect Sept 1, 2020.

Minimum Seeding Time: 14 days (336 hours) - from 3 days
Buyout Torrent (zap): 1000 - from 500

In addition to these changes, seedbonus will also be changed.

Seedbonus earned for seeding will be .1 per hour, up from .01 per hour, for the first 14 days. After that, seedbonus will be .2 per hour.

We trust the increase in seedbonus will help, it is increased with a factor of ten as of 1 Sept. But remember, seeding back time has also changed. We do this to ensure that we have a healthy ratio of seeders and leechers available to everyone, and you'll gain greatly with the increased seed times and larger bonuses.

The way HnR works is unchanged, it is explained here

Enjoy ABT!!!