Nigerian opposition MP Boma Goodhead became famous last week for fearlessly taking on the operatives from the country’s spy agency who inexplicably surrounded parliament.

Her tirade against the armed, masked men went viral as bystanders filmed her on their mobile phones.

Take a look at her giving them a piece of her mind, saying they had no right to block lawmakers from their offices:

Ms Goodhead, who represents a constituency from southern Rivers state in the House of Representatives, even dared them to shoot her.

The 47-year-old has told the BBC’s Focus on Africa programme that once she is in her stride nothing will stop her making a point.

Fear goes off – once I’m passionate about something.

So I wasn’t bothered whether I was going to be gunned down or if I was going to be arrested that day.

They said it was orders from above and I told them they should go and tell the orders from above that they cannot stop me from gaining access to my office."

She said that for her, the whole episode was an affront to democracy and a bad omen for next year’s elections.