The government is now saying that they have arrested four mutineers and the situation is under control.

Before the arrests, some soldiers aired a declaration on Gabonese state radio.

Here are some key extracts:

The message about the head of state, Ali Bongo Ondimba, aiming to end the debate on his health, has in fact reinforced the doubts on his ability to shoulder the heavy responsibilities linked to his position as president of the republic."

Here is what they asked fellow young soldiers in the recording:

The movement calls on all the youth among our security forces and all the Gabonese youth to join us by executing to the letter and immediately the following order: first that all the men and under-officers in the barracks get hold, by all means necessary, weapons and munitions. Secondly, take control of all transport means of the barracks, control and security posts, armouries and airports. Thirdly, that security and defence forces that are outside the barracks, retired soldiers wear their uniform in order to achieve the mission to enlighten the people in the street."

They also called on normal civilians to take action:

Stand up as one man and take control of the street by occupying airports, radio and television stations, public buildings until we can eliminate all the enemies of the nation."