A video showing Tanzanian police assaulting a journalist is being widely shared on social media.

The 80-second clip shows at least four police officers hitting Silas Mbise, a broadcast journalist with a local radio station, with a wooden club and kicking him until he falls down.

The incident happened on Wednesday in a stadium in the main city of Dar es Salaam after a football match between Tanzania's Simba Sports Club and Ghana’s Asante Kokoto.

Mr Mbise says the problem started when police officers tried to stop journalists from entering a post-match press conference, even though they had identity cards.

“They were forbidding us from attending when we asked why, they started pushing us. Then I told them to be more professional and allow us do our job, and that’s when they singled me out and started beating me,” Mr Mbise said.

He said he had sustained injuries on his back and ribs.

When contacted for a comment, the Dar es Salaam Regional Police Commander said he was in a meeting.

Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) has issued a critical statement: “TFF has been saddened and is condemning the assault by the police against a sports journalist Silas Mbise."

A local radio station has shared the video of the assault.