Police have been appalled by idiotic drivers over the long weekend as one man was caught taking a photo of his feet on the dashboard while behind the wheel.

It comes amid a long list of poor driver behaviour on the state’s roads since Friday, which has left the highway patrol frustrated.

Officers were told that a man was driving with his feet up on the dash in Longwood East, about 6.20pm on Friday.

They found the car just over an hour later, allegedly travelling 114km/h in a 110km/h zone on the Glenrowan-Myrtleford Road in Laceby.

The man admitted to police that he had been taking a photo at the time he was spotted driving dangerously.

He was handed a $242 fine for failing to have proper control of a vehicle and a $322 fine for speeding.

Also on Friday, a motorbike overtook an unmarked police car while travelling 65km/h over the speed limit, about 2pm.

Police stopped the 56-year-old Footscray man on the Melba Highway, in Woodfield, where he was detected driving at 165km/h in an 100km/h zone.

He will be charged on summons for speeding and his motorbike was impounded.

In a more shocking case of speeding, a car with four children inside, aged between 3 and 10-years-old, was allegedly found travelling at 200km/h.

Detected in a 100km/h zone in Wangaratta East, the car was later intercepted on the Hume Highway at Springhurst, at 3.30pm.

The driver, a 32-year-old NSW man, was unlicensed and returned a breath test of .091.

He was charged with reckless conduct endangering life, speeding and drink driving and had his car impounded.

Two hours later, a teenager who had his licence for just for days was caught driving at 150km/h on the Western Freeway in Hopetoun Park.

The Melton South man, 18, had been driving in a 110km/h zone.

He will be charged on summons for speeding and exceeding the passenger restriction, and had his car impounded.

Operation Arid, which aims to fight road trauma, will continue until midnight on Monday.