UNGRATEFUL Brits have already put their unwanted gifts for sale on eBay just hours into Christmas Day.

The presents have been listed on the auction site under the description "unwanted Christmas gift".

Gifts being flogged include a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes for 150 and a Little Mix CD.

But some bizarre presents were also put on eBay within just hours of Christmas Day.

Among these were a china donkey from a nativity scene being sold for 4 and five CDs with the description: "Love, tender moments, emotions CDs".

One seller appeared to be given merchandise for the wrong football team and was trying to flog an Arsenal keyring, gloves and a bottle opener for 6.50.

Shoes were proving popular as unwanted presents - with a pair of Lemigo red wellies selling for 5.99 and BlueZoo child's shoes listed for 4.99.

One person put up Leg Avenue "Christmas stockings" for 2.49 and another wanted rid of a How it Works: The Dad book for just 99p.