TWO jihadis a week are being stripped of their British nationality in a crackdown on returning Islamic State fighters.

Security chiefs stepped up bans fearing hundreds of highly-trained jihadis could attempt to return to the UK and unleash terror after the collapse of Daesh.

Shock figures reveal the government deprived 104 Brits of their nationality and banned them from the UK in 2017 - the equivalent of two a week.

It was a dramatic increase after 14 stripped of British nationality in 2016 and only five in 2015 when Islamic State was at its peak.

Figures on Deprivation of British Nationality have been released for the first time this week in a government transparency report.

The Home Office will not reveal names of banned Brits but is believed the two surviving ‘Beatles’, accused of hostage taking and executions for ISIS, have been stripped of their right to return.

It comes as three of the Rochdale grooming gang have lost their appeal against citizenship being revoked and will be deported to Pakistan.

Security Minister Ben Wallace said: “The spate of terrorist attacks last year and the nerve agent attack earlier this year were a stark reminder of the real and significant threat this country faces from terrorism and hostile states.

“We have a range of tools in our toolbox to disrupt terrorism-related and hostile state activity and organised crime to ensure our national security.

"This includes the Home Secretary’s ability to deprive a person of their British citizenship where he is satisfied that it is conducive to the public good.

“The Government’s first duty is to protect its citizens and that is what we are determined to do.

The Home Office has written to all 123 British nations informing their citizenship has been revoked.

It’s understood they attempt to get back to the UK they will be stopped at the border and denied entry.

It is illegal to make anyone “stateless” so the banned Brits all hold dual nationality or are deemed able to get citizenship elsewhere.

They orders all personally signed off the by Home Secretary Sajid Javid, or Amber Rudd last year.