DONALD Trump's bombproof "Beast" is awaiting the President as he prepares to fly into the UK today.

A £30million ring of steel is ready to guard Trump as he tours Britain on his first official visit - after two enormous planes delivered his huge security detail to Scotland

The US President is due to arrive on British soil today - specifically-designed armoured vehicles, rooftop snipers, undercover Secret Service agents and elite SAS soldiers are already at Prestwick Airport.

He will be met from Air Force One by his private armoured limousine, dubbed "The Beast", which travels everywhere with him.

The £1.2million Cadillac weighs eight tonnes, is bulletproof and able to survive a direct rocket or chemical warfare attack.

As security ramped up this week special forces helicopters - £50million V-22 Osprey tiltrotor military aircrafts - swept through the sky above London as part of the security operation.

Today the president will land at Stansted airport at around lunchtime, fresh from the Nato summit in Brussels, and will have a meet and greet at the US Embassy in London, escorted by a separate fleet of protection to that awaiting him in Scotland.

Trump and First Lady Melania are due to attend a black-tie dinner at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, hosted by Prime Minister Theresa May.

The couple will spend the night at Winfield House in Regent's Park - the US Ambassador's home in London.

Tomorrow Trump will fulfil his dream of meeting the Queen at Windsor Castle, after taking a working lunch with Mrs May at Chequers, the Prime Minister's country house.

The 72-year-old president is expected to inspect the Guard of Honour with the Queen before watching the military march past.

Trump and Melania will then round off the day by having tea with Her Majesty at the Castle, ahead of travelling up to Scotland for the weekend.

A keen golfer, the President is expected to travelling to Turnberry, the South Ayrshire golf resort he bought in 2014.

So far, Trump has spent 125 days at his golf properties during his presidency, according to NBC News, but the precise number of times he has actually played golf is difficult to track as trips have mainly been weekend private visits.

After the whirlwind three-day visit Trump and the First Lady are expected to travel back to the US on Sunday.

The first of a series of protests over the president's latest visit was held outside Trump Turnberry on Wednesday.

Around a dozen activists from Stand Up to Racism Scotland (SUTR) brandished banners with the slogans "Trump not welcome" and "No to racism, no to Trump".

A blimp depicting Trump as a screaming baby in a nappy is set to be flown over London when the president visits.

But the president isn't bothered about the giant baby blimp, the US ambassador has said. Woody Johnson insisted that the huge balloon doesn’t show how most Brits see him.

Trump will be flanked at all times by security detail from the US and the UK, as he travels around the country.

Security expert and the author of Parent Alert: How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online, Will Geddes, told The Sun Online: "It will be primarily led by the Met Police but they will also be working along counter-terrorism command, the Secret Service, MI5, and inevitably additional support from Special Forces - that's SAS and SBS.

"Counter terrorism, their role will be in providing assistance and intelligence coordination with their American counterparts."

He added the Met Police's counter-terror officers - armed with sub-machine guns, glock pistols and Heckler and Koch assault rifles - will also be out in force.

Officers drafted in to help protect the president have today complained at the accommodation they have been offered.

The chairman of the Hampshire Police Federation, John Apter, shared photos of camp beds crammed into a gym - where dozens of officers are expected to sleep.

He wrote on Twitter: "Prisoners arrested last night will have had better accommodation than those police officers ensuring the Presidential visit runs smoothly.

"Police Chiefs who talk well-being of their people need to take a long hard look at this. This is not acceptable."

Yesterday we reported Mrs May demanded Trump tackle Vladimir Putin over a series of international outrages including the Salibsury nerve agent atrocity.

The PM gave her blessing to the US President’s controversial summit with the outcast Russia boss in Helsinki on Monday.

And this week Trump reignited his attack on Angela Merkel - after First Lady Melania attempted to smooth over tensions at NATO summit party.

The US President tore into the German Chancellor after a day of contentious meetings.

The pair spectacularly fell out earlier this week after he accused Germany of being “totally controlled by Russia” over a natural gas pipeline venture with Moscow.