A SON who took a bus, tube and two trains to reach his injured mum 200 miles away beat an ambulance from a station ten minutes away.

Mark Clements rushed home from London to Exmouth, Devon, after his mother, 77, fell and broke her hip.

The first 999 call was made at 9am but a paramedic crew did not arrive for seven hours, an hour after her son.

Mr Clements said: “My mother was lying in an awkward position on a cold floor. She could not move. She was in immense pain and 999 was called six times.

He continued: "I have lodged a formal complaint and want a full inquiry."

Mrs Clements is now recovering from surgery.

South Western Ambulance Service apologised, blaming an “unprecedented rise in demand”.

They said it had to prioritise more 'serious incidents' and assessed there was 'no immediate threat to life'.

Mr Clements said when a crew did turn up they were 'aghast' at the delay but gave his mother 'absolutely fantastic care'.