A SOLDIER spent the best part of ten hours covering his mate's room in tin foil to "teach him a lesson".

Scott Lewis of the 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards decided to prank his friend Daniel Protheroe who had left his door unlocked at their barracks in Norfolk whilst he was away on a skiing trip.

Mr Lewis from Swansea, 28, covered every inch of Daniel's room in silver foil with the help of pal Tom Harcourt.

From his bed to the shower curtain, from the TV to the toilet, every possession in the bedroom and bathroom was wrapped up, including his toiletries in the bathroom.

Scott said: "It took me and my friend Tom the best part of 10 hours and near enough 30 rolls of 30m foil.

"Dan was away skiing with the regiment over the holiday period and he left his door unlocked so to teach him a lesson about kit security and locking your stuff up we decided to foil his room and teach him a lesson to lock up next time.

"His reaction was pretty relaxed as he appreciated it more than anything when seeing the attention to detail after a few minutes.

"It took him over three hours to take everything off and he still hasn't completely taken everything down as he's living with what he needs most removed."

Daniel, 24, from Port Talbot, said: "I wasn't annoyed, I was more impressed with how good it looked.

"I've never had a key for my room so I couldn't lock it anyway.

"It took me nearly three hours to take it down. The bathroom was the most annoying bit to take down because there was so much tape.

"I'm going to get him back, karma is going to bite him."