The government has been accused of censorship after demanding train stations stop playing Sky News following an interview with Hitler sympathiser Blair Cottrell.

Victoria's Transport Minister Jacinta Allan tweeted on Thursday, 'Iíve directed Metro Trains to remove Sky News from all CBD station screens.'

''Hatred and racism have no place on our screens or in our community. #springst'.

Speaking to 3AW's Neil Mitchell, Ms Allan defended her decision and said screens in train tunnels have been broadcasting Sky News for several years but the Blair Cottrell interview was the 'final straw'.

'That interview was unacceptable indeed Sky News themselves admitted it was wrong,' she said.

Mr Mitchell slammed the decision calling it a censorship on what the public can see and questioned Ms Allan after she admitted to not seeing the whole interview and only excerpts.

'Iím a bit worried about a minister in government making a decision to ban something without having seen it,' he said.

'What gives you the right to be judge of that?,' he asked.

Ms Allan explained she had seen excerpts of the interview online and that was enough for her to take a stance and be responsible for what is shown on the screens around public transport.

'I've previously spoke to Metro Train and have been long concerned about the content and quality of what is put on those screens,' Ms Allan explained.

'We need to ensure passengers are not bombarded with shocking content.'

'Itís different when youíre government, it is censorship. Itís thought police,' Mr Mitchell hit back.

Ms Allan continued to explain how several other companies have also made a decision to enforce the removal of Sky News advertising.

Queensland's metro service, Translink, has also received requests to follow Victoria's decision.

A member of the public retweeted a story about the Metro Trains decison to remove all Sky News ads quoting, 'Reckon we can do the same in Brisbane @trainsLinkSEQ?'

They replied with, 'I can pass through feedback to the relevant department to have this looked into if you'd like'.

It comes as nappy brand Huggies, optical chain Specsavers, and Amex Australia announced their termination with advertising on Sky News.

Sky News host David Speers told the minister that the offending Cottrell interview did not actually appear on the CBD station screens.