SIX men have been arrested for killing and eating an endangered langur monkey in Vietnam.

They were found by authorities after they live-streamed themselves eating the wild animal on Facebook.

According to police, the men ate the monkey in November but only yesterday confessed to the horrific act.

The suspects were identified and arrested on Thursday, and have reportedly confessed to violating the country’s wildlife protection laws for “endangered and previous animals”.

A police statement added one of the men bought the monkey from a hunter for 1.1 million dong (£38).

Police told AFP: "It took time for us to figure out the suspects involved."

Leaf-eating langurs are among the most endangered primate species in the world and are only found in the northern part of Vietnam, according to Straits Times.

Langur monkeys are known to stick together in packs.

Last year, modern day Mowgli Samarth Bangari stunned villagers in India by hanging around with a 20-strong pack of monkeys.

The two-year-old lad is still too young to talk but mimics the sounds made by the gang of langur monkeys.

Locals initially feared the tot would be attacked when they saw him with the group in the village of Allapur, 250 miles from Bangalore.

But his uncle Barama Reddy said they have a “special bond” and the monkeys come to visit every day.

Another youngster was once put next to Samarth, but the pack became aggressive.