WHAT are the rules when it comes to eating a good ol’ Aussie meat pie — grab it with your hands and just devour it? Not for our Prime Minister.

During a visit to the Tasmanian town of Ulverstone where he delivered a last-ditch pitch to voters, Malcolm Turnbull is seen doing the unthinkable — he used a knife and fork to eat the Aussie staple.

He uploaded a video to his Instagram story happily digging into the pie while having a laugh with locals — which of course has outraged the non-cutlery using pie community.

They were quick to give their opinion on how a meat pie should be eaten, including 2GB host Ben Fordham.

Except Fordham defended the PM’s elegant tactic.

“It’s time we admitted there’s nothing wrong with using a knife and fork to eat a pie.” “Discuss,” Fordham said on Twitter, along with a photo of the PM proudly owning his pie-eating decision.

And there was plenty of discussion, in fact complete outrage.

“Ben. The Prime Minister of AUSTRALIA should not be photographed eating a pie with a knife and fork. What the HELL is wrong with you. Let alone on his own official Instagram account *makes Sign of the cross*,” one woman responded.

“I won’t say it’s as serious as when Bob Carr said he hated sausage rolls. But it’s serious. (Incidentally when that occurred Carr was yelled at by his press secretary & ordered to hold a press conference where he ate a sausage roll or I believe a pie and publicly and apologise,” she continued.

Scott Gilbert, another man-handling pie supporter jumped in to give his two-cents.

“A pie that small should, and always will be, only eaten by a technique that is learned when you go to school with a tuck shop. Two hands. Gently press down on the far side while slightly slurping the near side.”

“Wrong wrong wrong! Just like putting Caramel into coffee hey,” another commented.

Gavin Disdale reinforced how we shouldn’t be eating it.

“Oh hell no we do not eat a meat pie with a knife and fork and not covered in tomato sauce.” “Our PM is out of touch clearly.”

But many were quick to support the PMs “neat” tactic.

“I use a fork — pry the lid off, sauce in the meat, mix it around, eat the insides with a fork, more sauce for the pastry, eat pastry with hands, eat lid with hands,” Rachel said.

“The exact perfect way to eat a pie! (But without the sauce. I’m not a fan of most sauces … with the possible exception of chocolate),” another said.

Jim Vala added: “I scoop out the mince with a spoon and eat the crust at the end … Is this wrong?” he said with laughing emojis.

Sue Belinda-Meehan commented that “It’s about the enjoyment!”

“If you like to enjoy it without the threat of a lava hot mouthful burning you from the inside out or cascading down the front of your clothes, then the plate, knife and fork is preferable!”

But plenty reinforced pies are simply a cutlery free zone.

“Unfollowed, blocked & reported for promoting unAustralian activities,” a disappointed user added.