The US President warned the British Prime Minister about the consequences of the "soft" Brexit, the British media wrote. Donald Trump decided not to stand on ceremony with Theresa May, said expert Dmitry Ofitserov-Belsky. He shared his opinion on the radio Sputnik.

US President Donald Trump warned British Prime Minister Therese May that a soft option for the country's exit from the EU would "kill" the future trade agreement between London and Washington, the Sun newspaper reported.

On Thursday, when Trump arrived on an official visit to London, a report of the British government was published with proposals for future relations with the EU after Brexit, called the "White Book".

"If they (the British authorities - ed.) Go to such a deal, we will rather deal with the EU, and not with the United Kingdom, which is likely to kill the agreement (between us - ed.)," Trump said in an interview with the publication .

He noted that Therese May did not heed his advice. "I would have done it differently." In fact, I told Teresa May how to do it, but she did not listen to me, "Trump said in an interview with the publication.

Negotiations on the conditions for the withdrawal of Britain from the EU continue from the summer of last year and have not yet met with significant success. Uncertainty remains on all issues, including the future trade regime. Britain will leave the EU on March 29, 2019.

Expert-internationalist, assistant professor at the HSE, Dmitriy Ofitserov-Belsky, on Sputnik radio commented on the situation.

"If it is a question of preparing an agreement between the United Kingdom and the United States, then it will be very difficult for London to sit on two chairs: at the same time to remain in strong economic relations with the EU and conclude an agreement with the US Of course, in this respect, Britain could become an excellent beneficiary of the middle position, but it is precisely such benefits that the US would not like to give it.Trump would be more interested in a tough Brexit - this would create unnecessary tension in Europe, and one could speak of a full withdrawal of the UK from the EU.That is, the US policy is aimed at weakening Europe.The soft Brexit could be a solution to many problems for both the UK and Brussels, but it is precisely this solution to the problems that Trump would not like for Europe, "said Dmitry Ofitserov-Belsky.

Donald Trump believes that Boris Johnson, who retired from his post as Foreign Secretary of Great Britain, would become an "excellent" prime minister. In an interview with Sun, Trump noted that he and the British politician have mutual respect for each other. According to the expert, this statement is a definite signal.

"This can be regarded not just as a joke, but as a" black mark ", as a signal to English conservatives that the US will support them if they rebel against Teresa May.We are well aware that Teresa May and Boris Johnson was in a rather long and very tough rivalry, and leaving Boris Johnson for retirement is not a defeat, but, relatively speaking, a preparation for intensifying the struggle. After numerous resignations in the government, the Cabinet is more than weak, Determines, he caught up with confidence in Labor's rating within the party position Theresa Mae weaker every day why Trump and decided not to stand on ceremony with British prime minister "-. said Dmitry Belsky officer.