NINE more Brits have been struck down by bootleg booze on Greek party isle Zante.

Seven 20-year-olds from Coventry were put in hospital by drinks believed to be mixed with cheap methanol — as well as two others.

Business studies student Jack Taylor said holiday reps had warned about some bars in the town of Laganas.

He said: “We avoided those, but were violently ill. We were taken to hospital and all of us ended up in UK hospitals afterwards. It could have killed us.”

Teaching assistant Lauren Blair, 22, from Birmingham, was the eighth hit.

She was in two Greek hospitals then in one back home.

She had fading vision and vomited so much she ruptured her gullet.

Lauren said: “I was so frightened. I thought I was going to die.”

Victim number nine was James Rambukpitiya, left with liver damage after a holiday with 11 pals from Havering Sixth Form College in Hornchurch, Essex, to celebrate finishing A-levels.

He said: “I felt faint and my limbs shook. Then my vision went blurry.”

Last week the Sun on Sunday revealed 17 lads from Morpeth, Northumberland, needed hospital treatment.

Greek cops were finally stung into seizing 300 litres of counterfeit booze in Laganas bars and restaurants.