Nigeria's new acting police boss has revealed some of his policy changes at an inaugural conference with police commissioners held today in the capital, Abuja.

Inspector General Mohammed Abubakar Adamu announced a new command structure for the controversial anti-robbery squad known as Sars.

He ordered that the state commissioner of police and the federal capital would assume full control of Sars in their respective commands.

The unit was previously under the inspector general of police.

Mr Adamu added that henceforth police commissioners would be held liable for any professional misconduct from units under them.

The re-organisation, he said, would professionalise the unit to enable it to protect citizens and respond swiftly to any major weapon related organised crime across the country.

Last year, many Nigerians, especially the youth, took to social media and on the streets to protest against Sars over alleged extrajudicial killings and abuses.

Mr Abubakar - who took office last week - will be in charge of providing security ahead of the general elections in February.

Other security challenges before him include communal/religious clashes, kidnappings, armed bandits and cattle rustling.