WHO will win the 2019 fame and fortune game?

Which celebrities, duchesses and politicians will shine in 2019?

The clues are in their star signs.

With generous Jupiter creating opportunities and mighty Mars setting up tricky challenges, it will be an amazing year.

Aries, March 21 - April 20
Victoria Beckham, April 17 1974
OPPORTUNITIES: When you lay Victoria’s birth chart over that of her husband David, who was born on May 2, 1975, it shows a total passion between his Mars and her Venus, both in the sign of Pisces.

The rest of their charts show she is a lot brainier than he is . . . but is too smart to let it show.

To the surprise of everyone except Victoria, she gets the chance to turn her fashion business into a profit-generator. David will make some progress with his US football team, Inter Miami.

CHALLENGES: For David, the key is to keep on showing confidence that his sports venture will take off.

For Victoria, by contrast, the challenge is to keep believing in the group of six that is the tight-knit Beckham family.

Taurus, April 21 - May 21
Jenna Coleman, April 27 1986
OPPORTUNITIES: Movie stardom can be the reward if she dares to say yes to Hollywood.

Neptune, which nurtures acting talent, makes this her time to shine.

The other strong strand in her chart is weddings, especially around May 18, when the full moon’s light shines on her marriage chart.

Her co-star in Victoria and real-life boyfriend Tom Hughes (an Aries, born on April 18, 1986) has Venus and Mars in the same zodiac position as she does.

CHALLENGES: Can she be happy in Hollywood, away from familiar people, places and things? A streak of independence and determination in her chart says she can.

Gemini, May 22 - June 21
Katie Price, May 22 1978
OPPORTUNITIES: The total eclipse of the sun in July mixed with a lunar eclipse in December takes Katie into a new world.

Yes, there is money to be made – and her chart shows she has a talent for this.

Until now, that has been exceeded by her spending, but a chance meeting with a financial wizard, probably on a plane, inspires her.

This is also the year when love brings emotional security.

CHALLENGES: The powerful position of the moon on the day Katie was born means passion will always matter.

But that alone cannot sustain a relationship.

As Katie reconnects with fitness expert Kris Boyson, she learns the difference that being in a supportive love-match brings.

Resisting complex, sexy charmers is difficult but doable.

Cancer, June 22 - July 22
Cheryl Tweedy, June 30 1983
OPPORTUNITIES: The rare and awesome power of the total eclipse of the sun in her own sign on July 2 tells of remarkable changes for Cheryl.

First comes a gentler image and new music her fans will love.

Then she has some acting lessons and it makes a perfect second strand to her showbiz career – and could include a spell in a telly soap.

CHALLENGES: Changes can bring out the best in Cheryl and 2019 is the time to do it.

It takes confidence to say “yes” to big changes but this is the year she is so ready for them. And her son Bear will be her inspiration.

Leo, July 23 - August 23
Meghan Markle, August 4 1981
OPPORTUNITIES: The Duchess of Sussex’s relationship with Prince Harry is supportive and ultra-romantic.

And with their first baby imminent he’ll be almost too keen to share parenting duties.

There may be times in 2019, especially around the autumn equinox on September 23, when she remembers how much she enjoyed being an actress.

And the new home she establishes with Harry and her own circle of friends is essential.

Her talent for fashion could lead to a very unofficial job.

CHALLENGES: The life of a royal asks a lot of a free spirit, but Meghan gets advice from a surprising source.

Instead of being seen as rivals, by the time of Meghan’s birthday, she and Kate will be a great double act.

Virgo, August 24 - September 22
Idris Elba, September 6 1972
OPPORTUNITIES: 2019 is the year Idris will be a winner, whether at big awards nights or just a game of Scrabble.

This is because Jupiter, the luckiest planet, is back in the position it was when he was born – and it will stay with him.

Although Idris is many people’s pick to take over as 007, something even more exciting could arrive any day.

And he’s making a more than welcome return to TV as the mesmerising Luther.

CHALLENGES: The high standards he sets himself in every performance is admirable, but he needs to allocate time for relaxation, love and fitness.

He’s already proved himself as a kickboxer and there are new skills to learn.

In an otherwise strong birth chart, the position of Venus reveals he has the kindest heart and isn’t afraid to show it.

Libra, September 23 - October 23
Theresa May, October 1 1956
OPPORTUNITIES: As support for a new referendum gets louder, Theresa gets calmer.

Yes, she conscientiously and cleverly still does all she can to get deals agreed – and does have an extra helping of Libra diplomacy.

As well as an icy smile that freezes critics in their path.

But by her next birthday, after her amazing stint as Prime Minister, she’ll be penning a blockbuster novel.

She insists it’s fiction but friends and foes will be scanning it to see if they get a mention.

CHALLENGES: After being at the centre of all the action, including the toughest of tough negotiations, the challenge is to go back to a more normal life.

September 28, the day of the Libra new moon, is the time to take the first life-changing step.

Scorpio, October 24 - November 22
Ant McPartlin, November 18 1975
OPPORTUNITIES: When Ant is a guest on a chat show and the presenter gets stuck in a lift, he takes over as host and does it so well that he is offered his own programme.

The series will be a mix of tough topics and laughter.

The moon is in the most intuitive part of his birth chart so he knows what is really on people’s minds and what they need to talk about.

CHALLENGES: The I’m A Celebrity presenter’s natural ability to talk and to listen to anyone is stronger this year – and it sparks a new desire to learn more about how the mind works.

When Ant does take on this awesome study challenge, he does so well that people start to jokingly call him the Professor.

Sagittarius, November 23 - December 21
Zoe Ball, November 23 1970
OPPORTUNITIES: On Zoe’s birthday, Mars will be in exactly the same position as when she was born, giving her maximum self-belief, energy and pizzazz.

CHALLENGES: Although work will fulfil her highest hopes, she still needs to build a loving relationship, and this is not something that can be hurried.

There could be a choice to make between a super-sexy Russian dancer and a tough businessman. Zoe must resist rushing into a commitment.

And although the new ideas she has for her breakfast programme are brilliant, she should show she values the opinions of colleagues.

Capricorn, December 22 - January 20
Kate Middleton, January 9 1982
OPPORTUNITIES: Kate continues with her impeccable progress as the Duchess of Cambridge.

The positions of the sun, moon and Jupiter in her birth chart are ideal for a dutiful but friendly royal.

But the surprise of her year is discovering one of her children is a potential genius.

Just as she is thinking about having a fourth baby.

CHALLENGES: It may look like a charmed life from the outside, but having to look and behave to match the royal code is a full-time job.

And because Kate has a fine mind, this is the year when she needs to feed it.

Getting more involved in the art world and doing a learning course are smart moves.

The people closest to her will not understand why she needs to do this, but it will still be a big success.

Aquarius, January 21 - February 18
Holly Willoughby, February 10 1981
OPPORTUNITIES: On her next birthday, Venus and Mars have different plans for Holly – and she could have a choice between contributing even more to This Morning or putting together her own comedy panel game.

Although she’s a natural performer, Holly could find producing and directing more fulfilling.

The chance to get involved in a local education project may sound unadventurous but will turn out to be fascinating and rewarding.

CHALLENGES: Right now she has so many career offers she needs to choose carefully.

A story about cats she invents to amuse her children could turn into a bestseller if she takes it seriously and lets the kids contribute ideas. Charity work could also put Holly in line for an award.

Pisces, February 19 - March 20
Paul Hollywood, March 1 1966
OPPORTUNITIES: It’s rare to have the sun and three planets all in Pisces, but The Great British Bake Off judge does.

This shows that he is an artist – just as his amazing breads suggest. It’s not surprising that he studied sculpture before becoming a baker.

This year he could be invited to design a sculpture and he should say yes, because it would be truly brilliant and drive him to get serious about art.

CHALLENGES: It’s time for Paul, who separated from his wife late last year, to organise his private life so it runs smoothly, and the July solar and lunar eclipses make this the time to do it.

Others may doubt Paul can become a great artist but he should just smile and enjoy proving them wrong.