A MUM has revealed how her husband forked out £13,500 on a “mummy makeover” following the birth of her kids.

Jamie-Louise Fitton, 33, from Stockport, Manchester, underwent a tummy tuck and a breast augmentation earlier this year and said she feels like a “new woman”.

The mum-of-two was prompted to get the surgery after losing 4st after her pregnancies, which left her with loose skin around her tummy.

Nursery owner Jamie’s weight had peaked during her pregnancy at 13st after she was bedridden with her second child George, five.

In February 2013, doctors diagnosed her with mechanical back failure and chronic pain.

Jamie, who is married to web developer Adrian Fitton, 34, said: “I was on 22 painkillers a day and took morphine every night. But I was miserable and could barely walk up the stairs without being in agony.

“And being unable to exercise meant that I soon weighed 14st and was a size 16.”

Jamie also had ovarian cysts, which added to the pain she was suffering from, so doctors suggested she undergo a full hysterectomy.

Three months after her operation, in September 2016, Jamie decided to take action and hired a personal trainer.

Thanks to hitting the gym three times a week, within 18 months she had lost 3st 11lbs and was down to 10st 3lbs from 14stone and a size 10.

While she was happy with her weight loss, she didn’t like the loose skin she was left with.

She decided to undergo a tummy tuck to tighten her abdominal muscles and boost her confidence.

Jamie-Louise said: “I spoke to a surgeon who said that the surgery would also remove any excess skin caused by my weight loss, I was delighted.

“I decided to have a breast augmentation at the same time, increasing my cup size from an A cup to a D cup.

“But the surgery cost £13,500 which I couldn’t afford.

“Thankfully my husband agreed to foot the bill and took out a credit card to pay for the operation.

“He could see how miserable I was.”

In June 2018, she underwent her mummy makeover with Dr Gary Ross at BMI Alexandra Hospital, Cheadle.

Jamie said: “I knew from the moment I met Gary he was the surgeon for me. It was a five-hour operation but I went back to work straight away.

“I think Gary is a miracle worker and I can’t believe the results he’s achieved, he’s honestly changed my life.

“Now I have run a half marathon and even worn a bikini.

“Adrian has noticed a huge difference in me and I have never been happier.

“Feeling this way took me a long time and came with a hefty price tag but I wouldn’t change it for the world.”