A YOUNG mother who gave a tearful interview a week ago about the death of her toddler daughter has been arrested and is expected to be charged.

Jessica Greatorex, 22, told Nine News earlier this month that her 20-month-old daughter Hayley Rose “went down for a sleep and never woke up” two months ago.

The child was found with serious injuries including internal trauma, and Ms Greatorex said she had tried to save her “beautiful, happy, bubbly toddler”.

Police arrested Ms Greatorex at her Tarro home in Newcastle, New South Wales on Friday morning and are expected to charge her with manslaughter.

Just over a week ago, Ms Greatorex described how Hayley Rose “always had a smile on her face”.

On June 19, paramedics were called to her home in response to reports that Hayley Rose had gone into cardiac arrest.

Ms Greatorex told Nine News how ambulance workers had tried to revive her daughter while she followed in a second vehicle.

“I was in another ambulance behind her and not long after getting there, I was then told (Hayley) didn’t make it,’ Ms Greatorex recalled of the day Hayley Rose died.

Police had already arrested her ex-boyfriend Timothy Andrew Whiteley, 26, and charged him with the little girl’s alleged murder.

Hayley Rose had allegedly sustained injuries to her head and chest, including broken ribs and a collapsed lung, as well as to her internal organs.