A MUM had her bowel and womb ripped open in a horror jet ski accident in front of her teenage son in Turkey.

Ashleigh Donnelly, 31, said she was "split in two like a banana" when she fell off and the powerful water jet blasted her between the legs and "ripped my insides out".

She has had two major operations to reconstruct her mangled internal organs and repair a 7in by 4in external tear from front to back.

Doctors do not yet know if she will be able to have more children and she may have to wear a colostomy bag for life.

Now friends and family have launched a campaign to raise more than £30,000 to fly her home after travel insurers said she was not covered for water sports.

Mum-of-five Ashleigh, of Northfleet, Kent, was in Marmaris celebrating husband Joe's 30th birthday along with her eldest son Lee, 14.

They hired jet skis from a beach tour operator on the last day of their holiday on Monday.

Lee and stepdad Joe, riding together on one jet ski, watched from feet away as a wave knocked Ashleigh off the powerful craft driven by Lee's 16-year-old pal.

She was sucked underneath where the jet hit her "like concrete" and almost killed her.

Sister Stacie Kelly, 30, said: “My poor nephew had to witness it all. They literally dragged her out the sea and put her on the beach.

“Her husband covered her with a towel so Lee wouldn’t see any of it."

Amazingly Ashleigh was able to joke about her ordeal from her bed in intensive care.

She wrote in a message to family: "I was having the best holiday and was due to fly home today and decided to have a go on the jet skis - bad move.

"I slipped off backwards and was sucked underneath where I then had the pressure of the jet hit me in my lady garden. I have been told it was with such force it was like being hit by concrete.

"Hundreds of stitches later I am in intensive care but I'm stable.

"I have another operation today and also have to have a colostomy bag fitted as I cannot have a poo because my rectum split in two like a banana lol.

"It is going to be a very long road to recovery for me BUT I am alive and that's all that matters, my babies still have a mum and my husband has his wife."

Ashleigh racked up £4,000 in medical bills in one day and that figure was set to double after her second op.

And the family has been quoted £26,000 for a medical transport flight home.

Her other four children Archy, ten, Ruby, six, Ivy, three, and two-year-old Johnnie stayed in England with family.

Stacie, of Sevenoaks, said: "Ashleigh is really in agony. She just wants to get back now for the children.

"She was joking about it to make people feel better but it's horrendous what happened to her.

“Ashleigh is so lovely. She’s full of life and bubbly.

"Everyone loves her and hundreds of people have rallied round to help.

"She could be there for weeks. They've not told her how much it will all cost and she won't be allowed to leave the country until the bills are paid.

"We want to bring her home so she can get treatment here and be near her family."

A GoFundMe page has raised more than £5,000 in one day and friends will be collecting round local pubs during tonight's England World Cup match.

Police in Marmaris are said to be investigating the horror accident.

The Foreign Office said: “Our consular staff are assisting the family of a British woman who has been hospitalised in Turkey, and are in contact with the Turkish medical services.”

To donate go to https://www.gofundme.com/helpgetashleighhome