HANNAH Quinn — the young Sydney woman accused of murdering an Aussie rapper with a samurai sword in broad daylight — was so obsessed with animal rights and environmentalism she changed her name to Hannah Hugs Trees on Facebook.

On her social media page, the 23-year-old human rights and feminism activist shared hundreds of posts which highlighted her green life choices.

She even called herself a “murderer” at one point, underneath a post quoting the controversial cult leader, Osho of the Rajneesh cult.

But she only called herself this for picking a flower.

“If you love a flower, don’t pick it up,” the Osho quote reads. “Because if you pick it up it dies and ceases to be what you love.”

“I still struggle with possessing things I love!” Ms Quinn wrote underneath, in a conversation with her mother in 2016. “But I hardly EVER pick them any more and if I do, I get really upset with myself — murderer!”

“I would never kill an animal,” read another jokey meme she recently shared. “I’m more of a people person.”

The young Sydneysider’s lawyer told court yesterday her client had never been to prison, but Ms Quinn’s Facebook page suggests she had a strong opinion on policing in Australia.

“Every single cop is complicit in a system designed to uphold the capitalist oligarchy we live under,” she wrote in a social media post.

Her mother, Megan, took to Facebook last night after her daughter’s first court appearance yesterday.

“Hannah is amazing and doing amazingly well tonight. I’m very proud of her,” she wrote.

Her page shows she champions many of the same values and political opinions as her daughter.

Megan used her social media account to promote her vegan market business, as well as a platform to support funding for the ABC and the ‘yes’ side of the marriage equality vote.

Her daughter and 28-year-old actor Blake Davis are accused of murdering 30-year-old Jett McKee, whose body was found in the middle of a Forest Lodge, inner-west Sydney, intersection at lunchtime on Friday.

Mr Davis is an actor who has appeared in the TV series Housos and lists My Kitchen Rules among his screen credits, while his partner Ms Quinn works as a barista.

Witnesses said Mr McKee was bleeding profusely as he staggered down a nearby street and then collapsed with a fatal head wound after reportedly being slashed with a samurai sword.

He had allegedly earlier fought with the couple at a nearby house, police said.

Ms Quinn’s parents and brother attended court on Tuesday but declined to comment to media.

Her lawyer, Lauren MacDougall, made no application for bail but indicated one would be made today.

Ms MacDougall told reporters outside court her client is “very distressed” and has not been behind bars before.

Mr Davis was discharged from hospital on Tuesday, where he’d been under police guard with an injury to his face, and brought before the court on one count of murder.

He appeared via video link, wrapped in a white blanket and nursing a swollen cheek.

His lawyer, Sherleen Chand, did not apply for bail and it was formally refused. Mr Davis’ case was adjourned to October 9.

Outside court, Ms Chand said he was suffering from “quite significant” injuries after the alleged violent incident but would be pleading not guilty and had “given an explanation” as to why he took days to come forward.

Friends and supporters of Mr McKee, who performed under the name Scepaz and was co-owner of independent record label Sub Conscious Records, have posted tributes to the aspiring rapper online.

A Facebook post on “The Hip Hop Show on triple j” page, hosted by Hau Latukefu, reads: “I was saddened to hear the passing of … Scepaz. I would see him at gigs, play his music on the show and he was always respectful.”

In another post, musician Nj Edwards said the scene “lost a real one” with the death of “chilled soul” Scepaz.