Distressed residents of a western Sydney unit block have spent the day comforting one another - following the alleged murder of their much-loved neighbour.

Kristina Kalnic was brutally bashed to death in the driveway of the Carramar apartment building - an 18-year-old man charged over her senseless death.

Sprawled in the gutter as cuffs are clicked around his wrists. 18-year-old Imaueli Degei is taken into custody as police arrive to a confronting scene.

Motionless, on the concrete driveway of her Carramar unit block - officers fight in vain to save the life of Mrs Kalnic.

The 64-year-old unable to be revived, after allegedly being beaten to death.

Across the road from the building, her alleged killer was shown pinned to the ground after trying to flee.

Residents today said they were unable to understand why their friend's life was taken.

"Why happened with her? Why she?," one neighbour said of Ms Kalnich.

"People need her, you know. People need her."

Living in the block for close to 20-years and acting as the strata manager for the past 9 months - flowers were placed at the front gate - as close friends supported Mrs Kalnic's grieving husband inside their home.

"She was a nice lady," another local said of the 64-year-old.

"She would tell us - don't play in the front, there's cars everywhere - you know, be careful."

As police swept the scene for clues and a motive - a court heard Imaueli Degei is medicated for mental health issues.

The teenager from Airds charged with one count of murder - ordered to remain behind bars until October.