POLICE have arrested 39 people at a house party in London after a man was chased and stabbed by a gang following a row in a shop early this morning.

The victim, believed to be in his mid thirties, was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries after cops were called to Fulham Palace Road, Hammersmith, at 1am.

Officers say the man had been chased by a number of suspects - both men and women - following an altercation in a shop.

Scotland Yard say the group were then seen entering a nearby house, which was hosting a party.

Police attended the address in an attempt to speak with a number of people inside but were met with resistance.

A Met Police spokesperson said: "As the occupants failed to co-operate with police, a total of 39 people were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

"They have all been taken into custody at various police stations."

Superintendent Mark Lawrence said: "What appears to have been a minor argument has resulted in a man sustaining life-threatening injuries.

"Officers were quickly on the scene and provided him with first aid prior to the arrival of our colleagues in the LAS.

"He has been taken to hospital where he continues to receive treatment for his injuries.

"Whilst it is unusual for so many people to be arrested in the early stages of an investigation such as this, due to a lack of co-operation and the necessity of securing essential evidence following a serious assault, this action was appropriate."

Two knives were recovered close to the scene and enquiries continue.

Last night's stabbing is just the latest example of a terrifying knife crime epidemic which has blighted the capital this year.

Figures from London's Metropolitan police showed that knife crime has surged by 16 per cent in the capital.

Excluding those killed in terror attacks like London Bridge, Westminster and Manchester, there was still a 12 per cent rise in murders — the highest numbers in a decade.

The total number of offences involving a knife or bladed instrument that have been recorded by cops in the year to March 2018 rose to 40,147, a seven-year-high.

There were 1,299 stabbings in London up to the end of April, according to official statistics from the Met Police.

A glut of cocaine flooding the country has been partly blamed for the country's violent crime.