Fans of the series Westworld HBO know it : if the robots are aware of their situation, they might turn against their creator. They would, then in addition to one of the three laws of robotics of Asimov, who said that a robot should, in its programming, be instructed to never hurt humans. But when the consciousness takes over, this programming could have a greater impact on the actions of the robots.

It is, by and large, the fear of Elon Musk on Artificial Intelligence. But the warning of professor Nick Patterson of the University of Deakin in Australia is not about the AI. It is in regards to the piracy.

The robots sex : future assassins at a distance ?

The robot sex is the future of the industry of sex toys and, especially, prostitution : they could both be bought by individuals or be integrated in the brothels of new generation. By doing so, in the long term, robots sex might eliminate the problem of prostitution illegal and clandestine networks.

But before that, it will need to be developed : several enterprises are on the niche, and they hope to make accessible these robots sex to the greatest number in the coming years. These must be realistic both in terms of appearance and the level of gestures. Without having the objective of making robots way Westworld, which is a matter of science fiction for now, androids will be able to fool the Man. And it is precisely this realism that could make them become assassins.

A hacking to take control of the robot sex

According to professor Nick Patterson, interviewed by the Daily Star, the hacking of robots could be much simpler than hacking of smartphones. Of the about difficult to confirm at present, but the risk exists : even supposing a difficulty same for the hacking of robots (sexual and non) and smartphones, one notices that the hackers get their. But professor Patterson believes that robot sex will be linked to one interface, in all cases the first versions, and that this interface, which is connected to the Internet, will allow the hacking.

Once the robot hacked, the hacker would have the control : it might, therefore, turn it into an assassin. Robots sex, to human appearance, should be able to move like a human. They may thus be able to take a knife and slice a throat or any other type of murder that comes to the mind of the hacker).

A possible solution would be to create an OS for robots as there are for smartphones. Piracy would then be rendered much more difficult or even impossible if the robot is not connected to the Internet.