A GOOSE was found passed out after it overdosed on anti-anxiety pills that were dumped in a park.

Other birds were also seen stumbling and struggling to stay upright, with one collapsing onto its back in Huntington Beach, LA.

A local walking through Carr Park noticed the hilarious antics, with some geese struggling to keep their eyes open.

Walking along, he then noticed hundreds of pills strewn in the grass.

Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center were called to the scene, and confirmed the birds had taken a range of medications including anti-depressants, anti-anxiety and for treating insomnia.

The organisation later wrote on Facebook: "Our center is currently treating a Canada Goose and a Ring-billed Gull that are exhibiting symptoms, such as loss of muscle control, that coincide with illness most likely caused by ingesting these medications."

Both birds are said to be doing well, but are still undergoing treatment to flush the medications through their system.

It is not known how long the pills had been lying in the park.

But the organisation fears birds and other pets may have ingested them.