EUROMILLIONS winner Gillian Bayford has been cleared of assaulting her ex - after police ruled there was "insufficient evidence" to proceed with a case against her.

The 46-year-old jackpot winner was due at Dundee Sheriff Court today to face an assault rap over an alleged attack on her ex Gavin Innes, 45.

The mum-of-two - who scooped £148million in 2012 - was accused of swinging for Gavin in her Audi Q7 when he refused to back her over his ex, it is said.

Gavin allegedly refused to support Gillian’s version of events following a spat with Ashley Donaldson, the mum of his son.

He allegedly suffered only minor injuries and did not require hospital treatment.

Bayford was initially charged by police with a minor assault and released on an undertaking to appear in court on Thursday.

But that appearance was cancelled after police concluded there was "insufficient evidence" to proceed with a case against her, and she never turned up at court.

Friends say the pair had been at school together but hit it off when Gavin approached Gillian to help with a charity he was starting for male victims of domestic abuse.

A court source said: "She was arrested, interviewed and charged in relation to this assault.

"She was then released on an undertaking as is standard in domestic cases like this.

"The police completed their investigations and reports in the case but after consulting with prosecutors it was decided that there wouldn't be enough evidence to proceed so the matter was not reported to the procurator fiscal.

"That will be an end of the case."

A Police Scotland spokesman said: "There was insufficient evidence to proceed to court."

Gavin previously told how he took Gillian on a first date to a carvery - where he paid the £3.78 tab. But following their split Gillian publicly claimed Gavin was a “gold digger”.

She said at the time: "You have to meet a few weasels before you can meet someone nice — a prince or whatever.

“With Gavin it was just financial. He pulled the wool over my eyes from the very beginning."

Gillian then fell for convicted fraudster Brian Deans, 37, who once pinched £13,500 from Tesco.

They married near St Andrews, in August, six years to the day after landing her lottery jackpot.

Gillian scooped £148million with then hubby Adrian, 47, in 2012 and celebrated with Domino’s Pizza.

The ex-hospital cleaner split from her ex-postie husband and returned to her native Scotland.

Gillian, who now uses the surname Bayford-Deans was due to appear at Dundee sheriff court this month.

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “A 46-year-old woman was charged in connection with a minor assault in October 2017.

“A report was sent to the procurator fiscal.”