A GHOSTLY hooded figure has been caught on a teenager’s camera while she was exploring a Welsh abbey.

Urban explorer Rosie Boulton, 19, made the spooky sighting at the historic site where Black Death wiped out monks in 1348.

Travelling to several haunted locations a week, Rosie is constantly on the road snapping pictures of ruins.

While visiting Tintern Abbey at night, Rosie and her friends didn’t find anything unusual, but remember feeling creeped out at the Monmouthshire site.

However, when she returned home and looked at her images she spotted the ghostly vision her camera had captured.

What looks like a hooded figure can be seen in the photographs standing in front of the ruins.

Having always believed in ghosts and the paranormal, she couldn’t believe her luck and can’t wait to visit the location again.

Rosie, from Stanford Bridge, Worcs, said: “I get an adrenaline rush, especially when it’s dark because it sets that eerie vibe.

“I felt okay at the beginning but it was a huge place which made it feel a little more spooky.

“You’re not supposed to go there at night. We felt like someone was coming towards us so we all ran out as we were scared.

“I didn’t know about the ghost of the monk until I got home and looked back at the pictures.

“I was on my own going through the photos and it just freaked me out. I called my friend and told her about the photos straight away."

Tintern Abbey stands by the River Wye and was founded by the Cistercian monks in 1131 AD and was the only the second Cistercian foundation in Britain – the first in Wales.

The current ruins are a mixture of building works from 1131 to 1536, with little remaining of the first structures. It still boasts vast windows and soaring archways.

There have been many ghostly sightings of monks and other spiritual entities in the abbey.

The Black Death in 1348 saw many of the monks perish, and some claim to see their spirits within the halls of the abbey, lined up and holding torches.