WHEN it comes to giving up smoking, there's never going to be a perfect time to quit.

But one woman has blasted her "selfish" husband for giving up his life-long habit on Boxing Day - labelling it a "selfish and d**kish move".

Taking to Mumsnet to express her frustration, the woman claimed she "really wants him to give up" smoking.

However, the woman claims "he's been vile" in the four days he ditched the fags and says it's "been impossible" to relax when he's around.

She wrote: "He's snappy, restless and just generally vile."

Frustrated with his choice of timing, the mum added: "It would be fine if he just took himself off but I feel he wants us all to suffer with him."

She added: "If I object to his horrid behaviour then I'm being unsupportive and it will be my fault when he starts again."

Insisting that her "hard earned Christmas break is being ruined", the mum admitted that the tense living situation has left her feeling "so uptight" and "really angry".

Not to mention the fact the mum also revealed in a later comment that he's spent £1,000 on the habit this year when they "couldn't afford a family holiday".

Worrying that her husband will take up smoking again in the New Year, the anonymous mum concluded: "My fear is that he's completely ruining Christmas but will start again and it will all have been for nothing."

Unsurprisingly, some users quickly called the woman out for "moaning."

One anonymous mum responded: "At least he has given up."

While another added: "He says you are being unsupportive because you are."

Offering some more practical advice, a third wrote: "Go to a chemist and buy him so nictotine patches. It'll help him and you'll be supportive rather than just moaning."

However, one user agreed with the fed-up mum and said: "It would definitely spoil the holiday.

"It's not about being unsupportive, it's about being realistic and the effect going cold turkey in withdrawing an addiction can have on other people."

Drawing on their own experience, another user wrote: "I basically took two weeks off work and life and apologised for the monster I became while I went cold turkey for two weeks.

"Obviously there is never a good time and never a bad time to give up smoking. There is only the right time for the individual."