JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Hackers generally work to study or even break into a computer network system owned by the company or institutional.

Typically, this profession is conducted by people abroad especially in developed countries. But in today's modern era, Indonesia has got the world’s attention in terms of hacking.

Lots of hacking activities have been conducted by hackers from Indonesia, and with many different purposes.

The famous hackers from abroad include Astra or Linus Torvalds, among others.

But, many do not know that there are skilled hackers in Indonesia where hackers do not doubt their quality. There is even a hacker from Indonesia who was able to hack a satellite and change its orbit.

As reported by boombastis.com on Friday (8/11/2017) here are 5 hackers from Indonesia who are well-known in the hacking world.


Xnuxer is one of the greatest hackers from Indonesia. Dani Firmansyah Effendi is the man behind the mask of Xnuxer. he is famous for cracking the website of the Indonesia General Election Commission (KPU) on April, 2004.

Xnuxer managed to hack into the KPU server through the website’s security holes using Cross Site Scripting, and SQL injection, among others.

Xnuxer then changed the identity of 24 political parties on the website and changed the parties’ names to the names of fruits.

The hacker was arrested by the Cyber Crime Unit from Jakarta Metro Police. Xnuxer was sentenced to several months in prison because his hacks did not show any evidence with political element.

Kang Onno

Onno W. Purbo is an expert in the world of information technology from Bandung who has a background in Electrical Engineering education in 1981.

Kang Onno himself is the best graduates, therefore Kang Onno finally continue his education in Canada through scholarship. There is no doubting about Kang Onno's ability, especially in the case of hacking.


You could say this one hacker into the category of Gray Hat Hacker, because his identity is still in the gray area and does not have enough evidence to reveal his identity.

This hacker himself is the founder of one of the most feared hacker teams in the world, Phantomghost, which is where hackers team often hack the government website to convey the aspirations of the community.

One of the many hacker actions that make people amazed is when he hacked more than 2000 websites owned by Israel in just one day in 2014.


At the age of 19 years, hacker Yogi Nugraha caused panic in Malaysia as he shut down the internet network of the neighboring country.

In addition to Malaysia, Singapore was once the target of Bio666x. Yogi managed to hack and get into the server owned by the Singapore military and managed to retrieve some important data from the Singapore military.

Jim Geovedi

Maybe you are familiar with this name of Jim Geovedi. Although only high school graduates and learning hacking from the internet, but its ability no doubt.

His greatest hacking feat was when he was able to hack into a satellite in space and changed its orbit in 2009.

Jim does not live in Indonesia. However, he often pays attention to technological developments in the country.