The Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed and his wife Zinash Tayachew have been given permission to adopt a child, Fana Broadcasting reports.

It adds that the child is named Million and is currently living in an orphanage in Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa.

The couple already have three daughters.

A year ago Ethiopia banned the adoption of children by foreigners amid concerns they face abuse abroad.

However there was debate when the ban came in about what would happen to the children who were not going to be adopted abroad.

At the time Ethiopia was one of the biggest source countries for international adoptions by US citizens, accounting for about 20% of the total.

Added to that, adoption is not a big part of Ethiopia's culture and many orphans find themselves shuttled between relatives or on the streets.

Some say this adoption could bring in a change in culture.

The adoption could service to be a model to other Ethiopians to adopt disadvantaged children, the President of the Supreme Court Meaza Ashenafi is quoted by Fana broadcasting as saying.