ENGLAND should quit the United Kingdom in order to deliver Brexit, a top Leaver has suggested.

Former Ukip leader Diane James said a "radical step-change" could be necessary if Brexit is ever actually going to happen.

She claimed breaking up the UK would allow each of its four countries to decide whether or not they want to stay in the EU.

And Ms James called on Nicola Sturgeon to work with Brexiteers to force a fresh referendum on separation.

The MEP shared a blog by a Scottish nationalists calling for England to leave the UK, probably along with Wales.

That would mean England quitting the EU instantly - while Scotland and Northern Ireland stay in, as part of the rump UK.

Ms James commented: "I truly believe (I'm not alone!) time we Brexiteers seriously considered a radical step-change."

In a Facebook post, she added: "If the United Kingdom really is no longer united. If that state of disunited prevents its parts from their full expression.

"If their united potential depends on being free to diverge. If that freedom is what allows them to unite where it matters, where it suits.

"If that is the future for my United Kingdom, I have a funny feeling even Elizabeth II (or I) goes along with that. EU wouldn't have any choice..."

But she insisted the border between England and Scotland would be "as soft as a baby's bottom".

Ms James led Ukip for 18 days in 2016, but has since left the party and sits as an independent in the European Parliament.