A WOMAN has recalled the bittersweet moment her cancer-stricken mother walked her down the aisle on her wedding day - just weeks before losing her battle.

Bride Jessica Quigley's mother, Leona, spent her last day out of hospital at her daughter's wedding, after finding out she had a rare form of cancer in 2016.

Leona had been diagnosed with a form of multiple myeloma, cancer of the plasma cells, 10 months before Jessica got engaged to now-husband Adam.

The 27-year-old explained that her mother's health wasn't that bad at the time, revealing Leona had even gone on holiday with the couple - where Adam proposed.

In fact, when Adam and Jessica first got engaged, they decided they wanted a year-long engagement, not contemplating that Jessie's "super strong" mum wouldn't be there.

But when Leona began to deteriorate before the wedding, the couple made every effort to bring their date forward.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Jessica said: "She was stubborn and downplayed how sick she was.

"She wouldn’t let us bring it forward, however, and so we kept the original date.

"Mum was a fighter and even though doctors told her she didn’t have long, she fought every single hurdle and continued fighting on the day.

"She was that sick she had to be specially transported up to the wedding in the New South Wales Southern Highlands from Sydney and back on the same day.

"She fell over there when she got there and so had bruises on her face and neck which my makeup artist covered up extremely well."

"My brother-in-law, the NRL player Anthony Watmough, took mum down the aisle; by this stage she was using a walker," Jessie continued.

"She later walked down the aisle to give me away with his assistance."

Leona also gave a heartbreaking speech, in which she wrote: “I may not be there to hold your hand each day, but I’ll always be there in your heart.”

Sadly, Jessica and Adam's wedding day - November 4 2017 - was Leona's last day out of hospital and the last day she spent with Jessica.

Just weeks later, Leona passed away on December 4.

Jessica, who is now pregnant, explained that Leona had even prepared for her grandchild's arrival, leaving a gift box for the baby.

"I can’t wait to pass on her legacy," she said.