A DUNKIRK hero who became one of Britain’s oldest transgender people has died at the age of 99.

Louise Jennings lived as Robert for 70 years and was married to wartime sweetheart Edith for more than four decades.

But she changed genders after Edith died of cancer in 1989. Louise once said: “I don’t think I spent a long time thinking about it. I rather felt I was wrong anyway.”

She was called up to the Army at 20 in 1939 and became a sergeant in the intelligence team of the Durham Light Infantry 10th Battalion.

In June 1940 Louise was evacuated from Dunkirk and later said: “There was no use being scared. I was very lucky.”

She returned to her base near Darlington, where she met Edith.

The couple, who never had kids, moved to Sheffield after the war. Louise got a job at a concrete factory and Edith worked at a firm of solicitors. She had the op in her 70s.

Louise said: “Edith knew that whatever I did, it would be honest.”

Her funeral will be held in Sheffield on January 4.