NOVICHOK survivor Charlie Rowley has revealed his girlfriend died after spraying the nerve agent on her wrists, thinking it was perfume.

Speaking for the first time since his ordeal, the 45-year-old said he was glad to be alive.

But Charlie, in a police safe house after his release from hospital, said he was angry at Dawn Sturgess’s tragic death,

He said: “They killed my Dawn. I’ll never be able to get over what happened to her.”

“I’m glad to be alive because I thought I was dying.

“I’m really tired and I can’t really talk.

“I’m very glad to be out of hospital but I’m trapped in a room and I’m on a lot of medication.

“I’ve been allowed out for a cigarette but I’m very bored. The police are here.

“I'm pleased to be out of intensive care but I don't know what's worse being in hospital with everything or here with nothing.”

The drug addict told brother Matthew that Dawn, 44, unwittingly gave herself the fatal dose. She then passed the bottle to Charlie and it fell apart in his hands — leaving him with a lower dose.

The mum of three died in hospital nine days later.

Matthew, 47, told The Sun on Sunday: “Charlie remembers Dawn spraying the perfume on her wrists and rubbing them together.

“Then he took the bottle and it fell apart in his hands.”

It is thought to have been dumped by a hit squad which tried to kill spy Sergei Skripal, 67, and his daughter Yulia, 33, in Salisbury in March.

Security services are said to have identified the Russian team, believed to have fled Britain under false identities.

A Cyprus listening station is also said to have picked up a message to Moscow that “the package has been delivered."