BIZARRE claims that a royal aide secretly filmed Meghan Markle having a meltdown over Kate Middleton's children have been slammed by supporters.

Meghan allegedly blasted her sister-in-law after learning that her niece and nephews will be given His and Her Royal Highness titles, according to the unfounded rumours.

Pregnant Meghan's child will only receive a lordship - which is said to have sparked off the alleged row, the baseless story goes.

The spiteful allegations were first reported on for Canadian online celebrity news site Talko.

But they were quickly attacked by royal fans as far-fetched and malicious against the 37-year-old Duchess.

Alexis Slifer, a Talko presenter, outlined the baffling claims and said: “We are talking about Meghan Markle, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex, possibly being exposed for who she truly is."

"Which isn’t really a surprise because ever since she has been involved with the Royal Family there has been drama at every corner."

Ms Slifer added: “Even in October her and Harry had to move out ... of Kensington Palace because of tension between them and the other royals.

"Maybe they just can’t handle the close proximity.

“The exposing comes from an inside source saying there’s a video from a royal aide secretly taping as Meghan was going off about Prince William and Duchess Kate’s children.

"They're being given His and Her Royal Highness titles while Meghan and Harry’s children are only going to be Lords.

“People think that she’s having a meltdown because the only reason she married Harry in the first place was to get those titles.

“So she’s having a major meltdown and somebody caught it on camera.

“People act like they don’t even like Meghan - which is possibly why they created this video in the first place, because they don't even like her.”

If that video existed I’m sure he would’ve been on this video on the Internet by now - why am I watching this?

Royal Fan
But royal fans rounded on the claims - blasting them for being nothing but "gossip".

One irate YouTube user said: "This video is purely GOSSIP."

Another added: "If that video existed I’m sure he would’ve been on this video on the Internet by now - why am I watching this?"

A third added: "You allude to a non-existent video which purportedly exposes 'the real Meghan' but you cannot verify that such a video was ever made.”

And another simply wrote: “Sometimes I feel sorry for Meghan.”

The warring Duchesses have endured a frosty relationship for months.

Kate was said to have been “left in tears” during a bridesmaid dress rehearsal session with Princess Charlotte in the run up to Meghan and Harry’s Royal Wedding.

Another claimed the Duchess of Cambridge confronted Meghan for reportedly mistreating her staff.