AMERICAN parents have taken to social media to express concern that their little ones are speaking with British accents - after watching too much Peppa Pig.

The children's cartoon has taken off in recent years and is now being watched by toddlers all over the world, especially in the US.

But the well-spoken English voice of Peppa Pig is having an unexpected impact on her fans across the pond.

Not only are they snorting at the end of their sentences like little pigs, but they're also picking up the British accent.

The "Peppa Effect" was first reported on parenting site Romper and then spread to Twitter.

Some celebrities' kids have even fallen victim to it.

YouTuber Casey Neistat wrote on Twitter: "My three year old daughter speaks with a slight but pronounced British accent. She learned it from Peppa Pig."

Meanwhile Paul La Monica wrote: "My youngest son has recently become obsessed with Peppa Pig and have even adopted a fake British accent."

Mike Lupa asks: "Anyone else's kids developing a slight British accent after watching Peppa pig? She is also snorting like a piggy, but that is expected."

Beth Hardy writes: "Our 2 year old speaks with a British accent. Thanks Peppa Pig!"

And Jess Steinbrenner said: "The most entertaining aspect of my life right now is that my toddler has been watching Peppa Pig and now speaks with a British accent."

The show is watched by youngsters who are at a critical language-learning stage of their life, so hearing the English accent of Peppa's voice over is enough to affect the way they speak.

Peppa's voice is performed by 17-year-old Harley Bird.

She began doing Peppa's voice at the age of five and due to the show's popularity, she is making 1,000 an hour for the gig.