It will be a party more than 100-years in the making when the German Club says goodbye to its long-term Flinders St headquarters.

After selling the city headquarters for $3.5 million, to cover debts and secure the long-term future of the association, the German Club will hold one final shindig to celebrate the good times and look towards the future on Saturday.

“We are going to make sure we go through all the drink and food left,” said German Club vice-president Jonas Weinrich.

“It will be a celebration but also saying goodbye to the building, we have been here for 104-years, people have grown up here.”

In 2014, the German Club faced the prospect of closing after a poor Schutzenfest attendance and the loss of a major federal grant to upgrade the club. Numbers were down 15 per cent to about 17,000 at the annual festival held in Bonython Park, robbing the club of $60,000 in entry fees alone.

That came after the Federal Government withdrew a $150,000 grant to overhaul the Flinders St club, which was to have an alfresco dining area added at the front and a new German Aged Welfare office. The club had to put its $350,000 renovation plans on hold.

Mr Weinrich said a new location for the association was yet to be nailed down, but they were working hard to find one.

But he was keen to focus on the farewell party.

“It will be members only from 3 to 6pm but after that it will be open to the public,” he said.

“We will have German bands and the legendary DJ Herbert playing from 8pm.”

Tickets can be bought from