This is a procedure for a middle man process. This guide can be used by anyone you feel can be your trusted middleman. Before ever asking for a middle man, make sure the member you are trading/buying/selling too is willing to go along with this process. After it is agreed who will be your middleman and he is notified and all 3 members are ready follow the steps.

1. Once all 3 members are online, both members in the transaction contact your middle man and inform him of whats being traded/purchase by both members to avoid confusion.

2. Middle man will make the email accounts 1 if it is a purchase, 2 if it is a trade. Middle man must REMEMBER to use a vpn/proxy when creating these email accounts. It is advised to use Google mail system and most email accounts keep track of ip address, so anonymous is important.

3-1. If it is an account trade or purchase change the email of your account to that of which the middleman gave you then after confirming that change your email. Once this process is completed each members should notify the middle man of the password used, he will then check the email. Sites use password change verification so no shit can be pulled here.

3-2. If you want a 100% Guarantee no rip offs and be sure to get your invites or account use TeamViewer you can get it here <---Clicky it is FREE. The middle man can have complete control of the process, there by changing the email and password on the accounts or sending the invite to the made by him account to be sure no one can pull one over on each other.

4. If money is involved and there needs to be a transaction step 3-1 will be taken more preferably step 3-2 thus preventing any kind of scam. After steps 3-1 or 3-2 have been taken the buyer will then send the cash to the seller as a GIFT. The seller must then confirm to the middleman that the money has been received, then the middleman may give the invite/account and email details to the buyer. You must remember the buyer can always try and file a dispute on the transaction even though it was a GIFT, this is a problem with selling/purchasing that you cannot get by. This is why you do not sell FTN, Pedros, Exigo etc... to just any member, it is risky.

5. After all is done and all three members have done there part, feedback time. Of course you give feedback to each other but you also give it to the middle man since he spared so much of his time in this task.

Any information you think you may add this this guide, please contact me!